The CARE Project Retreats

Family retreats are organized, funded, and hosted by The CARE Project across the state of North Carolina. These retreats are 2-3 day experiences full of informational seminars, family-to-family bonding time, social activities, and breakout groups for moms, dads, siblings, and children who are deaf and hard of hearing. Our programming encourages advocacy, resilience, and community-building. The CARE Project will also be offering retreat experiences in other states through agency partnerships.

To see some retreat photos, please visit our Facebook page, or click HERE.

Los retiros de familia son organizados, fundados y alojados por The CARE Project en el estado de North Carolina. Los retiros son 2-3 dias de seminarios informativos, tiempo de unirse con otras familias, actividades sociales y también tiempo de grupos para mamas, papas, hermanos/as, y niños con perdida de la audición. Nuestro programa alenta abogacía, resistencia, y crecer una comunidad. The CARE Project también ofrece retiros en otros estados a mediante de otras agencias con las que nosotros estamos avocados.

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The CARE Project 2017 Retreat Applications

Thank you for a great 2017! Check back in January 2018 for future CARE Project Family Retreat dates and applications! 

Application deadlines have passed for these retreats, but we will see you again next year!

April 28-30, Tweens-n-Teens Family Retreat at Camp Rockfish; Parkton, NC
*Kids with hearing loss are aged 12-17 (or, middle school/high school). Workshops and discussions are specifically geared towards their issues and challenges as they enter young adulthood. Parents attend workshops as well.

May 19-21, Retiro Hispano Familiar at Camp Rockfish; Parkton, NC (Hispanic Family Retreat)

* Familias hispanas con hijos/as de todas edades; todas las clases y actividades serán conducidas en español. El liderazgo y los voluntarios serán principalmente bilingüe.

*Hispanic families with kids of all ages; all workshops and activities are conducted in Spanish. Retreat leadership and volunteers are predominantly bilingual.

July 7-9, Family Retreat at Aqueduct Conference Center; Chapel Hill, NC

*Kids with hearing loss are elementary school-aged (K-5/6). Workshops and discussions are specifically geared towards issues facing parents/kids in this age range.

Nov 3-5, Family Retreat at Bald Head Island; Bald Head Island, NC

*Kids with hearing loss are generally under the age of 5, but can be older.