How we work with Professionals

The CARE Project has become well known for the professional continuing education and training for individuals who provide services for families with children who are deaf and hard of hearing.  Data collected by TCP over the past 5 years indicates that approximately 50% of professionals do not feel trained OR comfortable with the topic of emotional counseling for these families.


The CARE Project provides one and two day workshops for professionals with the primary focus being sensitivity issues related to the family’s emotional journey.  Most service providers come from a medical model and counseling is primary informational.  The emotional responses to the unexpected news that a child is deaf or hard of hearing creates an immediate sense of loss on the part of parents and as information is imparted by professionals in those early days, parents report that their mind shuts down and their ability to process what is happening doesn’t exist.

The CARE Project workshops bring to the surface the stages of grief and how both parents and professionals often react to these situations.  Counseling tools and strategies are discussed and the desired outcome is to see participants in the workshops return to their respective environments with a new understanding of what parents are experiencing and strategies on how to improve the counseling skills necessary to enhance communication among all of those involved.

Implementation Plans

Upon completion of the workshop training, TCP staff is available to assist with the development of an implementation plan for the individual agencies.  Each agency may have its differences in what they do and how they go about it.  Having an “individualized implementation plan” (IIP) will provide a roadmap/guide for proceeding forward to utilize the tools and strategies covered in the workshops.

Mentoring Opportunities

The CARE Project Staff is also available to continue with onsite mentoring with agency partners to implement the IIP.  For example, should a partner agency in TN decide that, as a part of their TCP IIP they want to host a family retreat, it is possible to have TCP Staff come onsite to co-direct a family retreat in the agency state.  Mentoring is also available for the community awareness projects as well.

Empathy: Insight and Strategies

A Unique Virtual Learning Experience for Professionals

November 20, 2020

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