Clayton Greene, Parent, Durham, NC (01/01/2018-12/31/2020)

Justin Hall, Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Jacksonville, NC (01/01/2015 to 12/31/2020)

Paul Seneker, Financial Advisor, Nashville, TN (01/01/2016-12/31/2018, 2019-2021)

Sharon Williams, Ph.D., Audiologist, Chapel Hill, NC (05/01/2014 to 12/31/2019)

Board Officers: 1/1/2018-12/31/2018
President: Paul Seneker
Vice President: Justin Hall
Secretary/Treasurer: Clayton Greene
Member at Large: Sharon Williams

Ex. Officio:
Johnnie Sexton, Aud. Founder and Executive Director
Xris Kessler, Media Director
Vacant, Newsletter Editor
Lara Pike, Office Administrative Assistant/Logistics Coordinator
John DiDonato, Web Manager
Jorge Ceja, Hispanic Liaison

Executive Committee: Paul Seneker, Sharon Williams,
Justin Hall (Member at Large)

Empathy: Insight and Strategies

A Unique Virtual Learning Experience for Professionals

November 20, 2020

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Vermont EHDI

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