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I have had a vision for many years now for The CARE Project to have a permanent site for 3 clear-cut reasons:

1. Family Retreats: bringing groups of families together with one common issue (like hearing loss) to realize that they are not alone, that they have a community of support and to gain advocacy skills and confidence to continue their emotional family journeys.

2. Professional Education: bringing professionals who provide services for families with children who are deaf and hard of hearing together for continuing education opportunities on a variety of topics that would strengthen their skills and sensitize them to the family emotional journey.

3. Provide accommodations for families who travel from distances that require overnight stays in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area for medical/clinical/surgical services for their children.

Reaching the goal of having a permanent home requires “brick and mortar” and land. Aqueduct Conference Center in Orange County, NC has operated for many years in that capacity and now is closed and for sale. To reach this goal, the existing structures need renovation and I can see the building of 30 cottages on this beautiful land.
So, 30 cottages IS the dream.

How do we make this a reality: would YOU consider buying one or more bricks inscribed with your message or name to help us reach that goal? The bricks will be used to create a beautiful garden area with a wall display. The Goal: We set out to raise the funds to make this happen. Can we sell 100,000 bricks at $100 each to have the funds to purchase, renovate and construct 30 cottages. I believe we can. The bricks will be used to pave a walkway from the main buildings to the 30 cottages and a half circle around the perimeter of the cottages, much like an embrace by those who help make this dream come true!!! Here are some considerations:

1 brick @ $100
9 brick plot @ $900 (3 x 3)
16 brick plot @ $1600 (4 x 4)
25 brick plot @ $2500 (5 x 5)
100 brick plot @ $10,000 (10 x 10)
500 bricks for a wall section (builds one 2000 sq ft cottage) @ $50,000


Would you buy a brick and make possible the dream of helping families across North Carolina and the United States?

Would you buy a brick and make possible the enhanced education and experiences for professionals to do an even better job at providing services for these families?

Would you buy a brick to make available overnight accommodations for families in need of a place to stay while receiving medical/clinical/surgical services?

30 Cottages and a Dream: Building A Path To Our Dream

Thank you,
Dr. Johnnie Sexton, Au.D.
Executive Director/Founder
The CARE Project

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